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Dear KMB Video Journal Guest

KMB is proud to bring you over eight hundred points of view on telecommunications policies.

For the last twenty years, the KMB Video Journal has helped many telecommunications leaders to better understand the complex policies in which the industry is engaged.

Through in-depth analysis, interviews and conference with expert guests, we have looked at issues from every vantage point.

Leaders in the Industry, government and education can look forward to more outstanding programs in 2005 and the next one hundred viewpoints the KMB Video Journal plans to explore.

Thanks to the subscribers and sales, it has been possible for selected leaders in Industry, Government and Education to receive free copies of the KMBJournals. The PUC Chairmen in the 50 states now receive free copies of the KMB Video Journal; we plan to continue to send them.

The KMB Video Journal plans to keep up the exchange between state regulators, members of Congress, FCC, and members of the industry. In addition: The Journal will continue the ongoing probing of the important studies, reports and individual state experiments of interest to regulators.

We are encouraged by the interest shown in the service we provide and your suggestions about the programs are always appreciated. Give me a call at (727) 367-2444

Sincerely Yours,

Mike Beilis